An argument in favor of the traditional values and against communism in the united states of america

Influence[ edit ] Responsive communitarians have been playing a considerable public role, presenting themselves as the founders of a different kind of environmental movement, one dedicated to shoring up society as opposed to the state rather than nature.

A political strategy employed by conservatives to achieve a smaller government is known as starve the beast.

Classical liberals and libertarians support free markets on moral, ideological grounds: Social conservatives are strongest in the South and in recent years played a major role in the political coalitions of Ronald Reagan and George W.

Religious conservatives focus on conducting society as prescribed by a religious authority or code. University Press of Kentucky, He wanted to increase defense spending and achieved that; liberal Democrats blocked his efforts to cut domestic spending.

The Causes of the Cold War: Harper and Row, University of California Press, The Roaring of the Cataract, Fiscal conservatism and Economic liberalism Fiscal conservatism is the economic and political policy that advocates restraint of progressive taxation and expenditure.

Though the revolutionary nationalism unleashed by Asian and African decolonization was indigenous in origin, it took on ominous signs of Communist sympathy as countries unwilling to align themselves with the "free world" became cause for suspicion. Other politicians have echoed key communitarian themes, such as Hillary Clinton, who has long held that to raise a child takes not just parents, family, friends and neighbors, but a whole village.

It is also, sometimes, extended to a broader " small government " philosophy. HayekMilton Friedmanand Ludwig von Mises. The perils of "brinksmanship" became clear in the Taiwan Straits Crisis, as the prospect of nuclear war over a peripheral interest—the Chinese nationalist stronghold of Taiwan and nearby islands—became all too real.

However, what is or is not a "natural right" is a source of contention in modern politics, as well as historically; for example, whether or not universal health care, private property or protection from polluters can be considered a birthright. Combined with the widespread belief that the Soviet Union had designs on Iran, the "Northern Tier" seemed to be under Communist assault from without and within.

Very much an exercise of reductio ad absurdum in action, suggesting some social support is countered by all social support is communism and therefore evil.


In Strategies of Containment, Gaddis concludes optimistically that despite its "contradictions, mutations, and irrationalities," containment was a "surprisingly successful strategy. It is tolerant of an activist government at home, but is focused mostly on international affairs.This question is complex; yet the answer is revealed when the United States of America finds itself in this exact situation.

Government expansion into the lives of American citizens is consistent with the common principles underlying communism and socialism—the very principles the United States of America was fighting against in the Cold War.

Ronald Wilson Reagan was the 40th president of the United States of America.

Conservatism in the United States

He resided as president two terms, from crime and challenges against the traditional family values. Generic argument of United States intervention protecting hemisphere from Communism.

The United States eventually (offiically) wanted to allow. united-states communism.

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and that traditional US freedom values are up to debate, when it comes to the "fight against the right". Today the United States does not want to be the policeman of the world.

Communism Essays (Examples)

The laissez-faire argument against income redistribution invokes the doctrine of the survival of the fittest. Sep 28,  · With its direct reference against Communism and its political and military forces in South America and neighboring countries of the United States, the doctrine had indeed solidified the country's fight against Communism -- albeit diplomatically and without the threat of weapons.

The Religion of Communism and the Spiritual Stalemate Brendan Z. O'Donnell In his article “Civil Religion in America,” Robert N.

Bellah argues that the United States of America has unified around civil religion during “times of trial,” defined as moments when America's Religious Battle against Communism in the Early Cold War.

An argument in favor of the traditional values and against communism in the united states of america
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