An overview of volkswagen group automobile industry marketing essay

This includes the growing market for luxury cars in China which Volkswagen seeks to gain a share in with their Phaeton model while in Europe the company is struggling to hold its market share during economic recessions in several countries.

Further, Volkswagen group aims to buy materials not for only one brand at a time but for all its brands. It is imitable as many other firms have it although by different names, however the specific way in which Volkswagen produces is difficult copy without heavy investments in research and development making it Non-Substitutable.

Key Challenges and objectives for the company There are several key issues for Volkswagen group, such as extreme global competition from automobile manufacturers of America and Asia, stagnancy in demand due to overcapacity and product proliferation in western markets, slow revenue growth because of rising administrative and raw material costs, controlling cost while simultaneously generating revenue, and large foreign investment in the Chinese and Indian markets.

Volkswagen hybrid cars are popular because they offers the best alternative of dealing with the problems of over dependence on imported oil and the negative impacts of greenhouse gases that result from the combustion of fossil fuels in car engines. Adolf Hitler, chancellor of Germany had assigned the project of developing a mass production car to an Australian engineer Ferdinand Porsche.

A stable environment is often good for any company to excel as long as all other factors remain constant. An example of qualitative research for Volkswagen would be customer interviews. The fact that there is an increasing population of middle income earners in Asia has made it possible for many Asians to own cars.

This ensures that the customers get quality products at reduced prices. Max Warburton an analyst at Sanford C.

Analysis on the Global Strategy of Volkswagen - Essay Example

Like most German-made companies, Volkswagen rose to fame during the Hitler regimes and has remained one of the most respected cars models in the world. The large price gap shows that these models are aimed at different people with, most likely, very different levels of income.

Customer interviews would give Volkswagen an in-depth view of the type of customers their brand attracts. This is an example of Volkswagen responding to the changing market by introducing a product to an area where it will perform well due to an increase in demand and disposable income.

Trudell, Craig, and Masatsugu Horie. The most popular is purchasing from one of Volkswagens dealerships where their products are available for test drives and sale. The trucks are then sent to dealers with an average of 6 cars per truck.

However these days the only way a car company could be created is if it had radical new technologies in it, or operated in a niche market. Perhaps the most important threats to Volkswagen are the competition coming from other vehicle manufacturers.

There are also certain virtual applications, for example, ESL Electronic Supplier Linkonline inquiry facility, online negotiating, online catalogue purchasing, eCAP capacity management, online standard texts etc.

The environmental stability that exists within the company is one important aspect that has kept the company afloat. Strategic Alternatives All companies hit a point where they need to innovate and be flexible to survive.

In total almostunits of the model have been sold over 15 years of production. The company has been in a position to uphold or enhance their rank amidst high and stiff competition. If such legislation would be passed the business would have to make huge investments to engineer newer engines that emit less CO2.

The company has a stable financial base and this enables the company to increase production without constraints. It has converted it from Multinational Corporation to Transnational Company.

Automotive Industry and Volkswagen Essay Sample

These organisations can have a negative impact upon the company spreading bad publicity and lobbying against them in countries where they operate or plan to expand into.

This is not something that is substitutable by other companies as they may not have a corporate culture that promotes sustainability. The platform strategies of the company motivate homogenization of production systems. Physical Environment Volkswagen has more than car outlets in the UK alone.

They aspire to restructure their product in order to meet the demands of the different geographical markets. It has been found that its diesel cars used the software that improved the results of the tests.

The successful merger of leasing and banking services formed Volkswagen Finanz GmbH in The company should invest in their employees as they contribute a significant portion to the growth of the company and improvement in sales.The Volkswagen Group, one of world`s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest carmaker in Europe.

The Group operates 48 production plants in thirteen Europe countries and a further six countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa. We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing for Volkswagen specifically for you for only $ $ In this short case study analysis, I discuss the history of the Volkswagen Group and track its development from the s to the present days.

The history of the company began in in Wolfsburg, Germany. Set by the Group’s CEO, Martin Winterkorn, the strategy focused on positioning Volkswagen as a global economic and environmental leader of the automobile industry. The plan set four goals to reach by the year of including to deploy intelligent innovations and technological advancements that would in-turn lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Volkswagen Group consists of the automobile division and the financial services division. The automobile division is the one for which Volkswagen is known for. The VW group comprises of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, SEAT, Scania and Lamborghini forming a glorious portfolio.

Case Analysis: Volkswagen Group Bryan Pratt Introduction The automobile industry is rebounding on a global level, with This stands in sharp contrast to their marketing just a few years ago, which touted the affordability of their cars as competitive with the most.

Volkswagen AG. is a German automaker that operates in the global automotive industry as a manufacturer and distributor. Volkswagen of America is one .

An overview of volkswagen group automobile industry marketing essay
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