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As mentioned before, the Soviet-Afghan war was the key factor for the breakdown, but not the only one.

Forced armies of different nations conquered the Afghan land many times, killing its people, destroying their land and houses. There was a threat of spreading the communist regime all over the globe. Ina new king Muhammad Nadir Shah came into power and ruled for the next forty years. Both countries were suffering a Buy essay soviet-afghan war because of this war.

Thus, different changes and programs were implemented into life by the then General Secretary of the Communist party — Mikhail Gorbachev, who was the last Soviet leader. Many scholars acknowledge that the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was established not by revolution. The run of the Soviets to improve its communist idea in Afghanistan left this country and its people with serious economic, political, and environmental problems.

There are roughly 20 different nationalities in Afghanistan belonging to various language groups. Yet, it did not, because this war was relatively minor, if ill-conceived and uncomfortable military adventure, eminently supportable, a negligible drain on the resource of the Soviet Union.

The balance of forces at the end of stood at about The Soviets used different tactics: The ruling party was not worrying that this harmful policy caused so many destructions or loss of life. Nowadays, this fact has become more obvious because of the terrorist attacks that took place all over the world, especially after September 11, terrorist attack in the World Trade Center in New-York City.

People had to move away from their homes in order to survive.

This war touched every mother whose son served there. The communist regime was initially brought from the USSR. Truman declared the anti-communist policy. For the Afghans the victory was just one episode in the long history of their efforts to free their territory from the interference of foreign powers.

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Though, it is hard to find reasons and excuses for any war, the Soviet-Afghan war was a real nightmare for the ordinary people, who did not care about political and economic intentions of those, who started that war. The Soviet- Afghan war and the further breakdown of the Soviet Union were the most important political events of the 21st century.

What point of view buy essay soviet-afghan war does the painting take toward its subject? Don t miss your chance to earn better grades and be a Vietnam War vs. The Soviet-Afghan war was a severe challenge for both Soviet and Afghan people, who were real victims of the communist regime and were forced by their governments to take part in this horrible war.

Initially, the Pashtun nationality was the most dominant, but in the process of history the priorities had often changed. It was threatening to the West and the USA, because many people supported the communist idea.The Soviet- Afghan war and the further breakdown of the Soviet Union were the most important political events of the 21 st century.

The Soviet War in Afghanistan

As mentioned before, the Soviet-Afghan war was the key factor for the breakdown, but not the only one. The Soviet War in Afghanistan. or any similar topic specifically for you. Do Not Waste The poor ideological excuses used during the Soviet-Afghan war are continuously being recycled, whilst true ideology has retreated to become the stories of a bygone era.

ESSAY SAMPLE written strictly according to your requirements. A Sample Wanted. The Soviet Union had incomprehensibly lost this war and lost its influence not only in Afghanistan, but lost a huge propaganda war; they were seen as the invaders and no longer in cooperation with detente.

Only a few years later did the Soviet Union itself come to an end, an empire that was created through bloodshed fell without any shed. Through Afghan Eyes: Survival during the Soviet-Afghan War and Warnings to the Wes Shop Best Sellers · Deals of the Day · Fast Shipping · Read Ratings & Reviews2,+ followers on Twitter.

Free Essay: Introduction The Soviet-Afghan War spanned nine years from late to early encompassing the terms of two Soviet premiers and two United. From university uk largely been a blessing for character, and culture buy essay soviet afghan war touch on adverts and the beauty of the song and its meaning.

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