Compare and contrast the renaissance vs romantic era

What is the Difference Between the Renaissance and the Enlightenment?

Since it has a long history, western music is classed into several periods or eras: The Elizabethan Age as part of the Renaissance period saw the development of Elizabethan poetry and the stability of England. Judging by the differences, it is obvious that romantic and classical music differ from each other.

The major types of compositions were divertimentos, serenades, symphonies, string quartets, trios, and sonatas. This essential element of music was mainly important to the romantic composers. Speaking of which, this article presents information on two such eras of music, medieval and renaissance music of western music and endeavours to analyse their differences.

This, too, was a period of discovery, but is generally limited to the realm of science, mathematics, and technology. The violin was the string instrument of choice during this period.

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The Middle Ages was a period from the 5th to 16th centuries. What is Medieval Music? This article explores romantic and classical music. Chamber music was extensively common during the classical period.

This overlapping of thoughts is why a lot of early Romantic composers might be tough to differentiate from late Classical composers Miller Lots of Romantic composers operated or rather worked on music in the formerly established structures but pushed the limits in innovative and new ways to meet their requirements for expressiveness.

However,later, medieval musicians developed a notation style called neumes. The Gothic art used flying buttresses and ornamental gables. Hence, it was transmitted orally while renaissance music was supporting the invention of fugues.

This type was applied to make up the initial movement of the majority large-scale works, but in addition it was also used on other single pieces and movements such as overtures. What is Romantic Music? On the other hand, romantic music or rather period is used to describe an era which evolved from the musical ideas, genres, and formats which had been established in earlier periods, notably the classical period and developed further through syncretism and expression of different forms of art with music.

Difference Between Classical and Romantic Music

By the early 19th century Classical music dominated throughout Western Europe. In these two periods, each had clear set of characteristics which differentiated one from the other. This resulted in longer and longer works.

Excerpt Compare and Contrast: The term romantic music denotes an era of western music which was brought into being in the late 18th or early 19th century; to be specific, from to AD.

This work contrasts with the complete Classical period that dealt in melodious themes and not essentially human expression Miller, n.

Music of each period share specific features and thereby are distinctly different from music of one period to that of another.

Compare and Contrast: Baroque vs. Classical Music

The renaissance period saw the development of art, literature, technology, invention and modern politics.

The Middle Ages portrayed Gothic art.• Medieval was mainly the beginning of music history while renaissance developed it into several new levels with more composers who existed in the era. Judging by these differences, it is comprehensive that medieval and renaissance music differ from each other and renaissance was a development of medieval music.

Claudio Monteverdi vs.

Difference Between Medieval and Renaissance Music

Domenico Scarlatti - A comparison of two major Baroque composers: Claudio Monteverdi and Domenico Scarlatti The purpose of this paper is to analyze two psalms by Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi () and Giovanni Domenico Scarlatti () and compare and contrast the two pieces to find out.

Custom Compare and contrast between classical and romantic period essay paper writing service Buy Compare and contrast between classical and romantic period essay paper online Classical and romantic music evolved in different eras which are highly distinguished by different features like their content and method of composition.

The music of the romantic era loosens those restrictions considerably, allowing for more freedom of form and expression. As an extreme analogy to make the point dramatically clear, it’s the differnce between, say, Shakespearean iambic pentameter, and Joycian stream of consciousness.

Compare and Contrast: Baroque vs. Classical Music. At first glance, the Baroque music period and Classical music periods seem to be very much alike. They do, in fact, have many similarities, for instance, “the same basic orchestral and chamber ensembles are used” (“From Baroque”, n.d.) in both periods.

Whereas, the romanticism period began in Germany and England in the ’s, and by the ’s it swept through the rest of Europe, even to France all the way to the French Revolution.

The renaissance and romanticism period differed on how they approached art/5(1).

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Compare and contrast the renaissance vs romantic era
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