Eric carle paper

Mainly when I started running out of watercolors, we broke out the tempera and watered it down.

Tissue Paper Art Inspired by Eric Carle

Some made black textured animal paper. They saw the video - we looked at books of his. Those were also used with watercolors Prang 16 color boxes. The end result was great! Eric carle paper have done something similar with first graders when they were studying Eric Carle and The Very Hungry Caterpillar in their regular classroom.

Also see some turtles by Eric Carle. Croix, US Virgin Islands Click image to see larger view We started with exploring the Color Wheelsand then made our own colors with tissue paper collage. Use contrast of colors.

The kids individually were reminded repeatedly to be responsible about getting their own pages into their individual folders.

I collected the table folders on a table next to the drying rack and when the pages were dry, I just slid the pages for each table back into their table folders.

Elementary these are 2nd grade - adaptable through middle school School Web Site: Anyone who had to spend time doing this learned to stay organized after that.

I cut a variety of colors of construction paper into smaller pieces 6 per 9"x12" sheet. Splatter painted watercolor always done on the floor in only one area. One big sheet for the background and another for the animal.

Wet-in-wet water color - embellish with dry brush water color free style patterns. We used Sax 90 pound paper instead of tissue paper as Eric Carle uses. As I cleaned up at the end of the day, I just swept the dried work into table folders for each table and let them make their own folders inside of the table folders to keep track of their own paper.

We used texture sheets with hard pressed crayons painted over with watercolors. Read a book by Eric Carle to students - study the art work and speculate how it was made Dragons and Other Animals that Never Were is a good one Demonstrate various painting techniques to be used by students: Did students create a variety of textured papers using various methods presented?

I tried to stress letting some of the background color show through. The issue is that you want them to stay organized and keep all of their pages together not strung out all over the room. Kids love it too.Product Features Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Hanging Paper Lanterns.

Oct 16,  · This video is about Eric Carle Painted Papers. How I paint my tissue papers How I paint my tissue papers. Even though this craft was inspired by Eric Carle’s book “The Very Lonely Firefly“, it would also go great with Sam and the Firefly.

Eric Carle Inspired Firefly Suncatcher Craft

Supplies Needed: Tissue Paper. After painting a least three colors of tissue paper per student suing Eric Carle's techniques, the cutting began (students can use the templates as patterns and cut many at a time.

Stencil cut out can be used to help place the shapes so no pencil lines show in the finished collage.

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Eric carle paper
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