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This shows that there were incidents of judicial pronouncements Essay corruption in politics biased, favouring one party over the other. Politicians also benefit by creating artificial shortage and raising prices of consumer goods and the leaders find themselves helpless to take action against them.

Strong Civil Society We needed strong civil society that takes initiative instead of depending helplessly on politicians and officials to fight against corruption.

The Public Works Department and the State Electricity Boards which are largely responsible for the maintenance of roads and management of power distribution respectively are among the worst corrupt government departments in India.

Any informant who provided Essay corruption in politics about corruption was awarded. Political corruption can divert scarce resources from poor and disadvantaged people. Police investigations and arrests may be based on political victimisation or personal vendettas rather than on solid legal grounds.

The close relationship between white collar criminals and Political Leadership can be demonstrated by number of above similar instances.

But such exposures and trials are rare; often only the smaller fishes get caught. In their favour they justify their such unscrupulous acts that these are being done only till they strengthen their political position and become able to purify the public life. Most of the corruption in politics is done at the time of election.

The ideals such as morality, service and honesty are regarded as outdated. And we are in danger of getting used by such dishonest, corrupt politicians. Although politicians are regularly involved in major corruption scandals, investigations of their activities are rare and conviction of politicians and civil servants are rarer.

Similarly, he compared the process of generation and collection of revenue by officials with honey or poison on the tip of the tongue, which becomes impossible not to taste. Separate Courts for Corruption Cases Separate courts should be established to deal with corruption cases in India.

There is an exclusive process of decision making, overly centralized government, and the absence of effective control mechanisms.

They were to keep a watch even over the activities of accountants and clerks for reporting cases of fabrication of accounts. Administrative procedure should be simplified and delays eliminated It is one of the main causes of corruption in India.

Since taxes paid by the people are utilised for their welfare, any loss of revenue affects the welfare of the society at large.

This shows that despite the greatest care taken in recruiting officials, corrupt persons made their way into the system. Previously, the white collar criminals were having close nexus with politicians and underworld.

Politicians always interfere in the work of police and other criminal administrations and so because of interference of politicians. Creation of Administrative Courts Administrative courts should be created for redressal of citizens grievances against administrative authorities.

From grassroots groups to big organisations, civil society has a crucial role to play.

Essay on Political Corruption in India

The public interest comes second. Private rather than public interests dictate policy. Illegal transactions were so shrouded in mist that he compared corrup to fish moving under water and the virtual impossibility of detecting when exactly the fish is drinking water. Corruption promotes illegality, subjectivity, inequality, injustice, inefficiency and Essay corruption in politics in administrative conduct and behaviour.

Or parties and candidates can buy votes instead of winning them. By speaking out, we can show that everyone gains from honest elections and open decision-making.

Rather, he realised its inevitability but chose to remain positive and committed to root it out in the administration through elaborate and strict measures. High court and Supreme Court judges can only be removed through impeachment in the parliament; this makes fighting corruption in higher judiciary rather impractical.

The statement of Supreme Court lawyer, Shanti Bhusan that many former Chief Justices of India were corrupt has given a new twist to judicial corruption. Lack of transparency in electoral funding and entry of criminals into the electoral process are two major sources of political corruption that is at the root of several other corrupt practices in the country.

This is part of a Transparency International project funded by the European Commission to make sure that public procurement in the There are numerous instances where mostly Chief Ministers, Ministers, Leaders holding important political positions, Bureaucrats and big businessman, who are reported to be involved in various scams.

Our trust in politicians is damaged. Basically it states the same thing as explained in world bank definition that is, abuse of power for private gain.

The Judges Inquiry Act,prescribes judicial inquiry followed by impeachment. The strategy he prescribed was for secret agents to take a judge into confidence through informal channels and ask him to pronounce judgments favouring their party in return for a payment. In order to get elected, politicians bribe poor, illiterate people.Political Corruption in Kenya and - Introduction: The Corruption can define is one of major the problem of corruption is a deviation from the individuals and the prevailing value system adopted in government institutions what drives individuals to practice deviant behaviors.

Here is your essay on Political Corruption in India: It is well-known that a large number of politicians, not only in India, but almost in all countries are corrupt. People are never shocked when politician’s corruption is divulged.

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Honest politicians are a rare breed today. Ministers like Lal. Dec 05,  · Transparency International is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption.

Corruption by topic - Politics. Political corruption has existed throughout the ages. It believed to be most prominent in positions of power, because of the role money plays in getting people power. However, over the centuries, corruption has changed so much so as to not match a particular definition of corruption, perpetually.

Free Essay: When it comes to corruption in politics, no one is immune. Both parties have had their share. Not too long ago three members of Congress who are. Free Essay: Political corruption has existed throughout the ages. It believed to be most prominent in positions of power, because of the role money plays in.

Essay corruption in politics
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