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The most prominent feature that smart cards can help consumers right now is the on-line shopping features. The assumptions this article makes is just that, assumptions. It will give something to everyone. American Express has already rolled out their smart card program with over a million consumers already smart card capable.

Consumers will like the ability to get free purchases and discounts through such programs. It gave pros and cons from the business perspective and introduce another feature, the loyalty programs that reward you by shopping at the same place over and over.

One fact that Ms. The issuers will be able to differentiate their cards while at the same time use the chip to cut down on fraud and misuse. The article that Lauri Giesen wrote spoke to the business owners and card issuers side of processing the smart card transactions.

This is a definite problem that consumers worry about. The problem with this estimate is that Pay TV has not been introduced in the United States yet so this option will not be available for a few years to come. Transaction Trends is a monthly magazine sent to credit card processing companies and related fields.

Since smart cards have a chip it can verify the users passwords and even fingerprints thus bringing a whole new network security feature. You insert the card into the machine like a disk into a computer and wait for the credit card terminal to read it.

The company that introduced smart card technology, Gemplus, is now developing chips that enable watches and even eyeglasses to receive and process data. With technology moving at the rate it is there is no reason why not to accept it and enjoy the new features available to us today, tomorrow or in the future.

In this analysis, I will compare two different articles that have separate views about smart cards coming to the United States. This feature is the only current item that would benefit getting a smart card as a consumer.

The chip embedded in the card gives that feature, Laurie points out. She noted that merchant loyalty programs may have breathed new air into the smart card applications. The article contained nothing but positive aspects of the new technology and its perks for consumers.

Smart card chips store the activity of the consumer at certain businesses and if they ensue the loyalty program then business can expect an annual growth rate. Either way, smart cards are a definite for the United States. It was not all negative aspects of the future of smart cards.

Couch potatoes can now enter their credit card numbers directly from their comfort of their homes and order anything on television that interests the person. If, however, you slid a smart card into a reader on your PC and entered your password, the merchant would never get to your account number—only a code authorizing the sale.

The article did not mention the business owners views or card issuers views.Persuasive Essay on Credit Cards and Smash Cards.

Card issuers have long been interested in the ability to reduce card fraud. The chip embedded in the card gives that feature, Laurie points out. HotEssays is a huge collection of free examples of essays and samples written by professional writers who are masters of their craft.

include online credit card fraud, identity theft, harassment and bullying, and the Also through public wifi networks.” b.b. to sites you are not familiar with.

Avira Free Antivirus ii. your social security number. Don’t use easy passwords like your birthday or phone number.

Persuasive Essay on Credit Cards and Smash Cards

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Credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, check 5/5(1). Jul 06,  · No thanks 1 month free. Find out why Close. Credit Card fraud and Identity mint-body.com4 - Duration: Informative Speech "Laughter is the Best Medicine" By.

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Informational Credit Card Fraud Speech Types of Credit Card Fraud 2 Major Types of Credit Card Fraud How to Protect Yourself Invest in a credit monitoring company.

Free informative speech on credit card fraud
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