Gau mutra business plan

Gomutra is supposed to increase plant resistance and Panchagavya is supposed to increase growth of soil bacteria and improve fertility. From Vajpayee to Modi, begins by addressing the question: It is a dichotomy she is acutely aware of. He is the conduit who passes the numbers of innocent Hindu girls to jihadi boys.

Readers will observe the gravity of the infested wound of this diabetic patient, which had been a miniature laceration at first, but has developed into a massive spiral graze over a period of 30 years, while the patient has been spending a lot of money on various kinds of treatment.

Diluting it in water: The following are a few details with regard to Gomutra and its spiritual properties. Without that vision and the moral authority it conveys, we are becoming an ordinary country grubbing for its share of the pie and trying to make sure it gets a larger one than anybody else.

Do invest in gaumutra. We must not let our guard down even while twirling in circles because love jihad can take us for a spin. Third, lack of vision undermines our moral authority and our global leadership. They may have tilaks and even wear religious threads and amulets.

One must filter it through thin, clean muslin cloth before consuming it empty stomach, early in the morning. Four years down the line, Kotian owns 40 cattle, including calves. They have a plan for their future and are acting on it.

More important, and unusual for a politician, he seems intent on actually keeping his promises.

'Gau mutra' to clean underwear: An anxious Hindu parent's guide against love jihadis

Utpal Parashar tells more. A part of his farm is under natural farming. First is the collateral damage I mentioned. Treatment of the cow: Jihadis impress girls by loitering around colleges in two-wheelers. The products were primarily directed towards organic farming with claims that it would reduce usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Anyway with all the time saved by not having a mobile phone, a young woman will have plenty of time to wash her own underwear. At the time, Prabhu Chawla was the editor, while Swapan Dasgupta headed the political coverage.Is " gomutra " cows urine a good medicine for diabetes and obesity?

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Annual revenue of $50k could. BJP plans gau gambit for poll gains. As part of the plan, a massive campaign to form Mahila Self-help Groups (SHGs) in villages will be launched and steps will be taken to market gau mutra. Politics. Modi Needs Kama Sutra, Not Gau Mutra (Cow Urine).

Why not try 'gau mutra' or cow's urine for a change? Uttarakhand plans business model on 'Gaumutra' the ambitious plan involves collection of cow urine with help of cooperatives and. The refinery was set up by Parthvimeda Gau Pharma Pvt. Ltd. which produces a floor cleaner called Gocleaner.

In organic farming. Jeevamrutha storage cans.

GoSeva Products

Gomutra is used as a manure for production of rice. Jeevamrutha is a. GAU MUTRA SELLS FOR ₹30 A LITRE, MILK FOR ₹ It’s not just milk, cow urine, too, is bringing in a revenue stream for dairy farmers in Rajasthan now. Mission was launched in the financial year with an approved outlay of Rs 28 billion during the 12th five-year plan.

Gujarat government is also trying to get maximum funds from the.

Gau mutra business plan
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