Globalisation is a blessing for singapore

From our humble beginning as a small fishing village, economic globalization has played a key role into transforming Singapore into the busy metropolitan city it is today. Another benefit is the improved standard of living in Singapore.

Globalisation Is a Blessing for Singapore

It will also result in a creation of jobs for the Globalisation is a blessing for singapore, boosting employment rate and generating revenue for both the country and the individual.

Inthe life expectancy in Singapore was a mere 55, but our life expectancy has since then risen to 80, a whole 25 more years. More Singaporeans ought to achievements Singapore has made must be imbued in the hearts of citizens. The city-state has achieved spectacular results when it comes to its social infrastructure, as well as economic prosperity.

On the other hand, the Gini coefficient is not a reliant indicator because it does not capture efforts to reduce the impacts through community support like the Many Helping Hands approach and through families. This liquidity and interdependence is key to maintaining high class facilities in Singapore, and with these facilities, together with our excellent standard of safety and political stability, more foreign talent will be attracted to Singapore, thus repeating the cycle again.

Also, with increased globalization, there is also increased flow of investment. The economies of countries are becoming increasingly integrated with one another. With people more willing to embrace change for the better and greater upward mobility, the standard of living in Singapore has improved by leaps and bounds in the last fifty years.

It is in the global market that Singapore finds opportunities to sell her goods and expertise. However, even though many challenges more daunting than before have also emerged, there is no other direction to move than onwards.

More Singaporeans ought to further entrench their rootedness to Singapore. Indeed, living in todays globalised era, no country has been untouched by the expanding and influential force of globalization.

Powered by relentless technological advances, the forces of globalization have undoubtedly driven the ever-accelerating expansion in economic activity and capital flows, even opening previously closed sectors and countries.

Another benefit is the improved standard of living in Singapore. Ultimately, it should and must be noted that Singapore is innately vulnerable as a nation-state which was ousted from Malaysia only a few decades ago. The idea of MRT came about as the USA, China and Japan had begun to use their own similar train systems long before Singapore and thus Singapore adopted the idea to enhance connectivity and to keep in pace with globalization around the country.

Whilst Singaporeans venture for jobs overseas, foreigners will also migrate to work in Singapore, some of whom have decided to become Permanent Residents PRs.

Being a tiny city-state with no viable natural resources, Singapore had to be plugged into the global economy in order to survive. Soitec is coming here because its technology has to be well-protected, and we are the only country in Asia that they trust well enough to set up their first manufacturing campus outside of France.

Thus, globalization has indeed impacted Singapore positively in more ways than one.

Local entrepreneurs and companies can attract foreign investments, carving out a niche in the international markets. This will boost the economy of Singapore as when more companies are willing to invest in Singapore, especially due to our strengths like competitive workforce and strategic location, it will result in greater influx of capital.

This translates into Singapore having a top-notch education system, preparing our young to be world-ready, entrepreneurial and internationally mobile, a move that cannot be possible without globalization.

Thus, this widens the income per capita gap between the poor and the rich, creating a great disparity. Moreover, the signing of free trade agreements is a form of opening up to positive globalization. Thus, positive development is a sure thing with globalization.

In parallel with this move towards globalization, Free Trade Agreements FTAs has enabled greater economic development for many countries, Singapore notwithstanding. Inthousands of Singaporeans lived in slums and squalor. These are achievements that we should be justifiably proud of.

The rapid pace of globalization is confirmed by statistics for international trade and investment. This definitely proves heartening, showing that there are in fact Singaporeans who remain attached to their nation.

More friendly bilateral relations are forged with countries via trade agreements and military alliances. Take Mr Sim Wong Hoo as an example. In the last fifty years, we have developed so much, especially due to globalization, getting rid of squalor and poverty, emerging wit first-world standards of living.Without the global market, it is difficult to imagine how Singapore’s substantially export-orientated economy would be able to function.

Globalization is definitely a blessing for Singapore’s development. The city-state has achieved spectacular results when it comes to its social infrastructure, as well as economic prosperity. To some, globalisation serves as a blessing for the development of Singapore as it represents a brave new world with no boundaries; for others, globalisation spells doom and destruction for Singapore.

Analyze Globalization's Impact on Singapore's Development.

Globalization and Multilingualism in Singapore: Implications for a Hybrid Identity. ABSTRACT This essay is about language and unique forms of identity in Singapore resulting from globalization.

Specifically it looks at language use amongst the Indians in Singapore in the domains of religion and public space. The Blessings and Challenges of Globalization. The Four Tigers of East Asia—Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea—are the most prominent examples.

THE BLESSINGS OF GLOBALIZATION. Watch video · But the city-state has long hung its hat on openness to global trade and among the various challenges to the country's economy, the delayed CFE report honed in on recent political developments in the U.S.

and Europe. "Most worryingly, the world saw a dark shift in mood away from globalization in Globalisation Is a Blessing for Singapore Words | 5 Pages “Globalisation has been a blessing for Singapore’s development.” The world we live in today is characterised by globalised markets and a merciless pace of change.

Globalisation is a blessing for singapore
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