Graduate success

I filled out my paperwork and started class three weeks later. I enjoy my co-workers and patients. As a medical assistant I am able to have a rewarding career doing what I always wanted to do. Scott Medical Center in Greentree, just outside of Pittsburgh.

The people I work with and the flexibility of my schedule. Write a few lines about the quality of classroom education as well as the clinical, hands-on A: Their dedication and compassion was exemplified through their open and honest instruction and direction.

Irene Krzewinski Current Employer: The instructors enjoy what they do and take pride in seeing their students succeed. How confident were you interviewing for Massage Therapy job position s? The instructors are top notch and always willing to help and give advice.

I decided it was time to go back to school Graduate success I spoke with the admissions department at PCI about the Medical Billing and Coding program and took a tour. There will always be positions for Billers and Coders because this field is expanding.

It has allowed me to become independent as I now provide for myself and my family.

Graduate Success

I have had a lifelong love and appreciation of animals. I encourage new students to know that being a Vet Tech is the most enjoyable job ever.

The experience helped me become confident in my skills. The class size was ideal for individual attention, the material was systematically presented, but above all else, the teachers were what made the difference.

He made our classes so much fun! With all the support, prior and current experience I knew I was more than well prepared.

Your mentor will never judge you or discuss your personal situations. Why did you choose the Respiratory Therapy program? Where are you working?

How did you become interested in a career as a Dialysis Technologist? I felt it was the best choice for me. The words I would have for someone thinking of attending PCI for the Medical Assistant Program would be not to make excuses about going to class every day or doing the work you know needs to be done.

Overall, my experience at Pittsburgh Career Institute has changed my life tremendously. Savanna Pittsburgh Career Institute Experience: How did you become interested in a career as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

Focus, listen and study twice as hard as usual. The biggest thank you goes to Dr. Now, that being said, being confident did not help my nervousness when interviewing for my externship position with PVSEC.

I visited the school and spoke with the Director of Education and the Dialysis Instructor. I may take the Veterinary Technician Certification Exam to become certified. I have always wanted to be a medical biller. If it were not for half of these people, I probably would not have gotten this far.

The PCI staff is there to help you find a solution so that you may continue with your education successfully and reach your goals.

What words would you have for someone considering the Veterinary Technology program? They really believed in my dreams. Events Graduate Success Below are just a few examples of the many successes that alumni from PCI have found after graduating and moving on to careers in their field.

They truly have a vested interested in every student. I felt very prepared for my first job position at Penn Center Chiropractic. The work environment and the challenges of the work really appealed to me. Most importantly I would say to pay attention; you did not come to school to play or make friends — you came here to get an education and a career.

Massage Therapist Current Employer:Butler students receive an unparalleled educational experience that empowers them to prosper when they graduate. Ninety-seven percent of Bulldogs are employed or attending graduate school within six months of graduation, and enjoy an.

By supporting the Graduate Success Fund, you leverage your dollars with The Community Foundation and join with other donors and funders to maximize the impact on our region’s economic prosperity while helping students succeed in college. Oregon Tech graduates boast a high return on investment in their education, and a 90% success rate.

These are Oregon Tech's numbers. Pittsburgh Career Institute Experience: I was encouraged to pursue the Medical Billing & Coding program by PCI, President, Patti Yakshe.


Graduate Success 88% were Employed in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area 1 Profile of –17 Graduates Graduate Satisfaction • In WCTC awarded 2, Associate Degrees and. Graduate Success. For current students or recent graduates, the graduate job market can seem very challenging. Employment opportunities have been hit by the world recession whilst employers expect as much, if not more, from graduates today than they did ten or fifteen years ago.

Graduate success
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