How to write a frago army

Weather can affect the men; cold, heat, rain, or snow can create problems if your section is not prepared. Tell your men how best to destroy or suppress the kind of enemy whom you are likely to meet.

Fragmentary orders do not have a specific format. Be aware of any restrictions or special tasks that apply to your section. Draw 10 blocks of C4, 10 nonelectric blasting caps, 10 fuse ignitors, feet of detonating cord, and 10 feet of fuse.

Our mission is to attack the town of Hicks at The timetable for the attack has been moved forward 30 minutes. An operation order OPORD gives subordinates the essential information needed to carry out an operation. Operation Order Format Continued 2. Information on enemy and friendly forces, to include the mission and intended actions of at least the next higher headquarters and the units on your left and right.

The enemy has some good positions in the buildings.

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Meet me back here at For example, if you know that the enemy always ambushes in the vicinity of trail junctions, ensure that all your men know it. Are made by the commander. The amount of detail included in a warning order depends on the time available, the means of communication, and the information necessary for subordinate leaders.

Establish a time schedule for your preparation. Warning orders are brief written or oral orders. The purpose of the warning order, is to initiate the troop-leading procedure in subordinate units. Sergeant Jones is in charge until I get back.

There may also be enemy tanks in the town. Plan supplies, equipment, and special tasks with emphasis on— a. The purpose of this format is to help you prepare your order.

Warning orders have no prescribed format. However, often this will not be possible, and they will have to sketch the terrain on the ground.

At that time, we will move up to the ridge, overlooking the town, where I will give the complete order. The commander should issue his orders from a position that allows the section leaders to see the ground on which they are going to operate.

Each squad leader issues his warning order to his entire squad. Each man will carry six grenades and one LAW in addition to the standard load for rifles and grenade launchers. Our mission is to attack the town of Hicks at as part of the platoon.Dec 20,  · Write the FRAGO (or better yet, pass it off to your colleague so you don't have to do it) immediately and get it over with!

--b. Tasks: -(1) SO Tasks: The FRAGO SO is the Supported Component. (2) ACC SO Tasks: Confuse FRAGO SO by. EXAMPLE OF A BATTALION ROAD MOVEMENT OPERATIONS ORDER The purpose of an OPORD is to provide clear, concise information and instructions to subordinates so that they may accomplish the mission within the framework of the commander intent.

The OPORD must clearly state all required information for the unit to perform the assigned treks. and issue a fragmentary order (FRAGO).

(See figure ) Standards: Developed and issued a clear and brief FRAGO based on changes in the mission or additional information.

Issued the FRAGO in the standard OPORD format. Department of the Army Washington, DC, 11 May Commander and Staff Organization and Operations 1. Change 1 to FM5 Marchadds the supersession statement to the cover. 2. Modifies figure 3. Modifies figure 4. Adds joint command relationships to appendix B.

5. Modifies table B 6. Modifies table B 7. UNCLASSIFIED FRAGO 1 TO OPERATION ORDER PW (PROFILE REVIEW BOARDS, OCT 12 UPDATE) (CHANGES IN BOLD) 2 UNCLASSIFIED with a timely decision regarding their medical treatment, medical retention and/or medical board referral.

d. There is no standard format for a FRAGO, but all changes should be presented in the same sequence as in the OPORD.

e. When possible, the FRAGO should be issued to all personnel concerned at a central location. When that is not possible, the FRAGO may be issued by radio, telephone, or messenger.

How to write a frago army
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