Master thesis ku leuven mail

Secondary criteria Did the student pay attention to grammar, spelling, and lay-out? Evaluate the progress of your thesis to achieve the previously planned goals: Wat heb je gepland om te doen tijdens de volgende 4 weken?

The chairman of the programme committee will be informed. Stuur je ISP naar je begeleider en je promotor, en geef aan hoeveel examens je in de januari-zittijd en in de juni-zittijd zult hebben. October follow-up In English: Four quotes are given: Each quotation is determined by means of the facultary assessment roster and appreciation scale.

Evalueer de tijd die je in je thesis gestoken hebt in de voorbije 4 weken: Send your ISP to your advisor and your supervisor, and indicate how many exams you will have in the January exam period and how many exams you will have in the June exam period. Students are fully responsible for submitting papers and assignments free of fraud and plagiarism www.

Tegen wanneer plan je om je thesis in te dienen juni, september, januari?

Academic Calendar & Deadlines

Was the student committed and well-prepared during the research process? Evaluate the time you have spent working on your thesis during the past 4 weeks: The deadline for submission must be respected. Determination of the end result The evaluation is conducted by a jury which is composed by the supervisor and assessora second reader and a chairperson.

A report master thesis has to be written and a presentation has to be held. The main criteria define the final score and are fine-tuned by the secondary criteria. An electronical certificate is granted to students who pass this test. Precise guidelines on the format and defence can be found on the student portal www.The thesis text is the most tangible outcome of the Master's thesis, apart from implementations and research results.

The text consists of two parts. The traditional thesis text is an extensive technical report which describes the work done. Dates of master's thesis defenses, September PAY ATTENTION: the defences are subject to change.

Master Thesis 2017-2018

If it's a change of date, you will be contacted by e-mail. Approved topicswith assigned second readers Follow KU Leuven on.

Master's thesis

The general layout guidelines of the Faculty for the Master's thesis provide a Faculty identity for the thesis. Guidelines for the cover and the title page. If you use the LaTeX template for the text, you can also use it to make the cover and the title page.

KU Leuven again in the Master programme.

Facultary Template

o Grants? • Yes, for destinations within the Erasmus+ including thesis you re-register at KU Leuven for the next academic year email to [email protected] with in subject line: application. Please add your timesheet as attachment to the email.

In het Nederlands: Thesis information Master in Engineering: Computer Science; Thesis information Master in Toegepaste Informatica; Thesis guidelines; Criteria for evaluation. Follow us on.

Follow KU Leuven on. All Master students: Deadline for submission of Master thesis for the first examination session for thesis year students (by pm) 21 KU Leuven .

Master thesis ku leuven mail
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