Paul bennett oliva underwriting assistant

Gainesville sun ( June 2, 1964 )

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Dual buys Oliva Underwriting

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Play-off Sth and 6th: Angelo Pellegrini, who became a successful immigrant, remembered his sharecropping family:DUAL, the underwriting arm of the Hyperion Insurance Group, announced it has acquired Oliva Underwriting, the UK-based MGA specializing in property &. Oliva’s founding Managing Directors Paul Bennett and Cliff Browne added: “We are hugely excited to be joining DUAL, which offers the perfect platform from which we can deliver our next stage of growth.

September 11, 2001

Dec 12,  · I'm really curious what you guys think about this. I personally have mixed feeling about it. DUAL Oliva is a trading name of DUAL Corporate Risks Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. Registered in England and Wales No.registered office: Bankside.

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Paul bennett oliva underwriting assistant
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