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In many ways Jes Grew is like the funk. This is all to say that Reed is constantly blurring the lines of those things traditionally understood as distinct—in this case, form. Mumbo Jumbo both depends on and fosters the disorientation of the reader.

Ishmael Reed cleverly set out to make me feel guilty for criticizing his book before I had the opportunity to do so. In the novel, Voodoo is an effective art: Voodoo itself is traced back to sharing a common ancestor with Judeo-Christianity in ancient Egypt, with Osiris as the first recipient of Jes Grew, whose effects and powers are Reading mumbo jumbo with that of Voodoo.

The virus is spread by certain black artists, referred to in the novel as "Jes Grew Carriers" or "J. And he has reason for anxiety, knowing that dangers lurk, which the too credulous and apathetic new generation doubts or fails to suspect deeply enough, so that they remain unarmed.

Reclaiming history[ edit ] Throughout the novel, Reed seeks to deconstruct the fundamental foundations upon which white, western civilization rests. Featuring OsirisSethMoses and other important figures in both Egyptian and Judeo-Christian mythology, Reed re-imagines an entirely alternate past, evidenced by the Templar conflict that takes place in the novel.

In order to investigate these modes of relating to the text spiritually, it is suggested that readers educate themselves about Nkisi and Mojo bags, two possible models of sacred objects within African-derived religions. Du Boisand a veiled reference to Malcolm X.

The text begins and ends as if it were a movie script, with credits, a fade-in, and a freeze-frame followed by the publication and title pages which occur after chapter one.

There are some good parodic moments, and while the book indulges in some far flights of fancy in developing its conspiracy theories, it knows how to have fun with its own conceits, rather than deliver its material too dryly.

But the least good option, Option C, is the way the book went, which was to just tell everyone what your idea was, even though the narrative progress is brought to a grinding halt. I had a feeling that the author would have better pursued one of two contrary options: Check out Ishmael Reed.

He knows a lot about what has been lost, and what is being lost, while he can only guess at what will come to replace it. Moses steals the Petro aspect of the Voodoo secrets from Isis. Our crumbling bridge between past and future, PaPa LaBas, was already suffering from a degree of self-doubt and disconnect from his own roots, so his position seems to be a mix of tragedy and hope.

The Wallflower Order is said to work in concert with the Knights Templar Order to prevent people from dancing, to end the dance crazes spreading among black people. Techniques of reading[ edit ] There are a variety of ways to approach Mumbo Jumbo as a reader.

It is interesting how many of these conventions are taken up, and then altered, and yet some still seem so difficult or unwilling by the author to get around.

Mumbo Jumbo

Then we get a confusing epilogue which gets across the theme mentioned above relating to PaPa LaBas as the bridge PaPa LaBas practices from his Mumbo Jumbo Kathedral, and at one point his assistant is taken over by a loa whom she has neglected to feed.

Portions of the action take place at the " Villa Lewaro " mansion built by Madame C. Magical elements[ edit ] Given that the protagonists of the novel are Voodoo practitioners, the novel itself contains a great deal of Voodoo terminology.

This is followed by a closing section that mimics a scholarly book on social history or folk magic by citing a lengthy bibliography. Depending on your perspective, you may feel the book scores some points, or you may find its reliance on archetypes and some of its cartoonishness to be a little off-putting.

Text[ edit ] Set in s New York Citythe novel depicts the elderly Harlem houngan PaPa LaBas and his companion Black Herman racing against the Wallflower Order, an international conspiracy dedicated to monotheism and control, as they attempt to root out the cause of and deal with the "Jes Grew" virus, a personification of ragtime, jazz, polytheism, and freedom.

As such, Reed mobilizes a "future-primitive perspective", [9] which animates the past through the future.

Jes Grew needs the physical expression of music to grow. And then we discover that the plot that we thought was still developing is now shortly terminated. More important, though, is the fact that it does not matter whether or not the reader believes the tale to be true; what matters instead, for Reed, is the fact that an entire population was denied the right to hear his history and the right to choose to believe it.

He knows more about it than you will ever find here. Another touch of realism is the inclusion of a mysterious ocean liner that is part of the Black Star Linea shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garveywho organized the United Negro Improvement Association.

Other classic mythological figures include Dionysuswho is portrayed as a follower of Osiris, and Faustwho receives his magic not through a deal with the devil but through connections with black Voodoo practicitioners. Leave out almost all explanation.[Zeroshiki/ Kabosu] BnHA dj – MUMBO JUMBO [kr] [Zeroshiki/ Kabosu] BnHa dj – Sweet Metronome [Eng] [Zeroshiki/ Kabosu] BnHa dj – Sweet Metronome [kr].

Mumbo Jumbo is Ishmael Reed’s brilliantly satiric deconstruction of Western civilization, a racy and uproarious commentary on our society. In it, Reed, one of our preeminent African-American authors, mixes portraits of historical figures and fictional characters with sound bites on subjects ranging from ragtime to Greek philosophy/5(46).

READING MUMBO JUMBO Mumbo Jumbo is a novel about writing itself not only in the figurative sense of the postmodern, elf-reflexive text but also in a literal sense [It] is both a book about texts and a book of texts, a composite narrative of subtexts, pretexts, posttexts, and narratives within narratives.

Mumbo Jumbo is a novel by African-American author Ishmael mint-body.comry critic Harold Bloom cited the novel as one of the most important books in the Western canon. Mumbo Jumbo has remained in print for 45 years, since its first edition, and has been published in French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and British editions, with a.

Start reading Mumbo Jumbo (REPLAY) (French Edition) on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App/5(46). Mumbo Jumbo is an innovative novel with it's own original voice, which unfortunately turns rather clunky somewhere in the middle, and doesn't quite recover in the end/5.

Reading mumbo jumbo
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