Standardisation versus localisation essay example

This would have put Hoover at a considerable disadvantage versus their competitors in each of the market. What Is Standardization and Localization?

In the contrast, the most challenging decision that a company may face in internationalization is the degree of standardization or adaptation in its operations. Examples of localization include the translation of the cooking instructions or the ingredients of a food product or the dubbing or subtitling a foreign-language movie or series.

There are a number of constraints though to effectively implement a standardised approach throughout the world as follows: There are many factors affecting to use adaptation strategies. I would suggest that globalisation has been good for the world consumer in both rich and poor countries.

Interdependence with resource markets. More and more countries are considering implementing barriers to protect domestic economies. By adapting a Standardisation versus localisation essay example approach with cultures throughout the world joining together o sing the hit song it showed how a standardised product such as a cola could be enjoyed on a global scale.

However if you look initially at say Apple. The Global standardisation philosophy: If a firm is not responsive to the nuances of the local market then there is a risk of failure despite taking a standardised approach. Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Localization Localization refers to the process of making a product more accessible to different audiences.

The existence of a global market segment 2. Localization can also result in changes to the contents of a product, to comply with the different regulations of a foreign country, such as the removal of gory scenes from a localized version of a video game. Even if culturally, the elders of society frowned upon this, the younger people wanted to be the same as everyone else.

Further, standardization is a practice of setting identical characteristics for a particular good or service. This type of marketing strategy conforms to work across different cultures and countries to promote a product.

What Is Global Standardization in Marketing?

This was evident by the earlier example of Apple marketing a non-localised product across many English speaking countries. For example in China, they put barriers in place to prevent overseas firms from advertising products on TV or even close down internet sites to protect local manufacturers e.

Multinationals and Global Corporations operate differently.

What Is Standardization and Localization?

They may have adopted a standardised manufacturing approach with manufacturers in China but clearly adopt a non-standardised or highly localised pricing strategy.

Red-symbol of good luck Gold-symbol of wealth and happiness. A company must know the differences in market structure, differences in customer needs, differences in buying behaviour, differences in alternative products, government regulations etc. A poorer country where inhabitants have less discretionary income may not respond as well to a marketing strategy that works in a more economically developed country.

Firms benefit more from commonality i. Whether a company chooses to standardize or adapt its operations depends on its attitudes toward different cultures.For example, if you run a global fast-food chain that sells the same hamburgers internationally, in some cities you may lose customers to local competitors who can customize hamburgers to what is.

Standardisation versus Adaptation in a Globalisation context US centric approach enables Apple to achieve huge economies of scale and avoid the costly task of employing localisation companies such as Lionbridge Technologies, Sajan, welolocalize etc. to adapt the market for the locale it is intended for.

Essay about Standardisation. Jopurnal of Accounting J Marketing o u r n a l o f A c c o u nti n g & M a r k e t i n g ISS: Haron, Account ar, The discussion on globalization versus Localization has been ragging for over four decades and it appears to be far-from-over [1].

A good example is Coca-Cola Company, which uses the same bottle, logo, colour, and same taste. International marketing is defined as the process of management responsibility satisfying the customer requirements. Standardization and localization are two of the most important processes of global business.

Even though there is no connection between the two processes, as one happens independently of the other, they both became a crucial part of business when trade reached a global scale. For example, the safety of a certain brand of lighters can be a.

Standardisation Versus Adaptation in a Globalisation Context

Global Marketing Strategy - Standardization vs. Adaptation. 11/12/ One example is Walmart’s failure in entering global markets.

Product Standardization vs. Product Adaptation

The retail giant faced many challenges when entering foreign markets such as Germany, Brazil, South Korea and Japan as it discovered that its formula for success in the USA (low prices, inventory control and.

Standardisation versus localisation essay example
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