The effect of the french and

Furthermore, Switzerland became a battleground between the armies of France, Austria and Russia. Resistance was strong in every sector, as Belgian nationalism emerged to oppose French rule. Despite outnumbering the French defenders under Gen. The French Army suppressed the uprisings but support for revolutionary ideals steadily declined, as the Swiss resented their loss of local democracy, the new taxes, the centralization, and the hostility to religion.

German intellectuals celebrated the outbreak, hoping to see the triumph of Reason and The Enlightenment. Another result of the war was increased tensions between Native peoples and British settlers on the frontier. And the next common foe would be Britain. This upset the fragile balance of power that Native Before the war, the value of their connection with Great Britain was obvious.

What effects did the French and Indian War have on England?

French and Indian War

The British colonies also had great quantities of food of all sorts for provisioning armies in the field, whereas the inhabitants of French Canada faced almost famine conditions when the blockades off the coast of France and in the Gulf of St.

Reformers said the solution was to have faith in the ability of Germans to reform their laws and institutions in peaceful fashion.

New rulers were sent in by Paris. By that period, hundreds of Pennsylvanian traders had likewise settled in the villages of Indian peoples of the upper Ohio Valley, with whom Great Britain was allied.

Initial hostilities A conflict between the two colonial powers over their rival North American claims was doubtless inevitable, but because their areas of trade exploitation were widely separated, that conflict might have been delayed for many years had not the governor-general of New France forced the issue.

The administration and settlement of an expanded colonial empire contained the very seeds of the conflict that would lead to the American Revolution during the following decade.

Everywhere old physical, economic, and intellectual barriers had been thrown down and the Italians had begun to be aware of a common nationality. In July Gen. Hoare, ; in the National Portrait Gallery, London. Finally, both British regulars and the American colonial forces became seasoned wilderness fighters.

The two armies met on the Plains of Abraham outside Quebec city, and both commanders, Wolfe and Montcalmwere fatally wounded.

Both the French and English wanted control over thisarea. This upset the fragile balance of power that Native peoples, most notably the Iroquois confederacy, had been able to use to their advantage. However, the very magnitude of the victory of British arms undoubtedly played a major part in undermining the loyalty of the American colonists to the British crown.

With France removed from North America, the vast interior of the continent lay open for the Americans to colonize. Pitt, in a very true sense, was the organizer of British victory in North America.

Still, most nations such as Britain remained magnanimous and welcomed the French. The French legal system, however, was adopted, with its equal legal rights, and abolition of class distinctions. The most important impact came from the abolition of all feudal privileges and historic taxes, the introduction of legal reforms of the Napoleonic Code, and the reorganization of the judicial and local administrative systems.

The Roman Republic was formed out of the papal holdings while the pope himself was sent to France. In the early 17th century, an English royal charter granted land within certain limits between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to both the Virginia Company and the Plymouth Company.The beginning of major hostilities between the American colonists and Great Britain, the displacement of Native American tribes and the destabilization of the French monarchy are three major effects of the French and Indian War.

These are flash cards for the causes and effects of major events during the French Revolution as described in Barron's AP European History test preparation book. In addition to effects similar to those in Italy and Switzerland, France saw the introduction of the principle of legal equality, and the downgrading of the once powerful and rich Catholic Church to just a bureau controlled by the government.

What was the impact and outcome of the French and Indian War?

Much of South Germany felt a similar but more muted influence of the French Revolution, while in. Video: The French and Indian War: Causes, Effects & Summary In the mids, the Seven Years' War involved all of the world's major colonial powers on five continents.

The biggest fight was between France and Great Britain, and the victor would come away with control of North America. Effects Of The War The British victory in the French and Indian War had a great impact on the British Empire.

Firstly, it meant a great expansion of British territorial claims in the New World. But the cost of the war had greatly enlarged Britain's debt. As a result of the British victory in the French and Indian War, France was effectively expelled from the New World.

They relinquished virtually all of their New World possessions including all of Canada.

What Are the Effects of the French Revolution?

They did manage to retain a few small islands off the coast of Canada and in the Caribbean.

The effect of the french and
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