The game plan

Joe is surprised to discover that Peyton The game plan arrived with Karen. While at lunch with Joe and Monique, Peyton accidentally reveals that her mother does not know that she is with him.

The Game Plan

Joe hurries his team to the line with the clock running, and rushes ahead before being knocked out of bounds. Joe and Peyton begin their relationship after Peyton calls his arrogant and selfish behavior to his attention. Joe takes Peyton and her new friends to the mall where he begins to develop romantic feelings for Monique.

They eventually make it to the championship game held in Arizona in a rematch with the New York Dukes. At the opening of his own restaurant, Joe inadvertently leaves without Peyton, and is on the cover of a tabloid the next day.

Peyton then has an allergic reaction to the nuts in the dessert she was eating, and Joe rushes her to the hospital; however, the doctors tell him that the reaction is mild, and his daughter is going to be fine.

At a later press conference, the reporters make Joe miserable, until Peyton comes to his defense, saying that he is new to this and trying the best he can, and that she thinks he is the best father in the world.

Stella decides Joe needs a new fatherly image. Near the end of the fourth quarter, Joe passes the ball to the running back, Jamal Webber, who gains positive yardage but fails to get out of bounds.

His agent, Stella Peck, thinks this will be bad for his image and distracts him with the upcoming playoffs. Monique has Joe join their ballet performance to show him that ballet takes just as much athletic ability as football.

With time for one last play, Joe throws a lob pass to Sanders, who catches the pass, allowing the Rebels to win their first championship.

The Rebels march through the playoffs via three road games: After Peyton overhears Stella explaining that she would be a distraction to Joe, Karen and Peyton return home. She was supposed to go to a ballet school program for the month, but instead she ran away to be with Joe.

Peyton then says that Joe has to repay her, so she has him take her to a ballet academy run by Monique Vasquez.Our Locations: ParkBrooke Place, SuiteWoodstock, GA ; Fairway Drive, SuitePalm Beach Gardens, FL ; Route 73, SuiteMount Laurel, NJ The Game Plan.

One of sports’ toughest players ever takes on his biggest challenge yet – fatherhood! A superstar with an ego bigger than a football field, Joe Kingman is getting ready for a. Game Plan Game for kids and adults to play while learning important life skills and safety. Game plan definition, a carefully thought-out strategy or course of action, as in politics, business, or one's personal affairs.

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Game plan definition is a plan for playing a game (such as American football or soccer): a plan for doing or achieving something. Learn More about game plan. {{'ARE_YOU_SURE_YOU_WANT_TO_LOGOUT?' | translate}} {{'CANCEL' | translate}} arrow_upward.

The game plan
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