Types of intelligence and study habits

Many persons with spatial intelligence will also have a near-photographic memory and are good visual learners. Some of the most common career choices for these individuals are editing, writing, the legal profession, and other word-intensive occupations. If you want to learn how to increase all these types of intelligences, read here.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence Who can forget that classmate of yours in high school who seemed to know the answer to every mathematical equation your teacher asked? Study author Robert Restaino, a graduate research assistant at the University of Missouri, said sitting for a long time every day causes reduced blood flow that piles up over time and can have detrimental effects from the higher risk of heart disease to premature death.

Interpersonal Intelligence Interpersonal intelligence is exhibited largely in those who work well with other people. This characteristic is present in Olympic and high performance athletes in order to deliver good coordination and motor skills. This type of intelligence equips a person with the ability to calculate and carry out mathematical operations as well as mull over hypotheses and propositions.

A good way for them to learn and memorize information is through the use of songs, and people with musical intelligence also tend to be adept at languages.

People who procrastinate might only be waiting for the right time or take the time to develop their ideas. Who can also fail to remember that peer of yours who could reason his way to winning every argument?

People with an introverted personality are often intrapersonal learners and are shy because of their time spent in self-reflection. Among each of the seven types of intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence is considered the rarest. Kinaesthetic Intelligence Kinaesthetic Intelligence relates to the ease of bodily expression.

The cerebellum, which is the portion of the brain that controls voluntary movements of the body, is associated with Kinaesthetic Intelligence.

Linguistic Intelligence Being the intelligence most commonly shared by humans, linguistic intelligence involves the human capacity to think in words and use these to make oneself understood.

Each intelligence type is best suited to a particular way of studying. This kind of person has a great sense of space, distance, depth and size. These habits could be perceived negatively, but a study has revealed that some bad habits may indicate our intelligence and good health.

People with naturalist intelligence love to work with the natural world and are good at recognizing patterns in the natural order. Interpersonal intelligence makes it possible for a person to effectively communicate through verbal and nonverbal means, to distinguish among others, to sense the temperament and moods of people, and to consider various points of view.

One such theory that argues against standardized testing is the theory of multiple intelligence. Musical Intelligence If you have musical intelligence you are "music smart.

Find a quiet place without distraction where you can learn effectively. Of course, everyone has a little bit of all the seven intelligences, however, you will possess more of some intelligences than others.

Interpersonal Intelligence People with interpersonal intelligence are "people smart. Park rangers, sailors, and others who work in outdoor professions are also likely to have a highly developed naturalist intelligence. They also have the capacity and sensitivity to tackle thoughts about what lies beyond life and death.

Words — Kids will enjoy this page with many different word-related games.

Multiple Intelligence Theory

By Tri Intelligence is broken down into nine different types, also called the nine domains of intelligence. Naturalist Intelligence After about a decade of promoting his multiple intelligences theory, Dr.

Music and Language Learning — Here is a helpful site on how music can be used in the classroom to facilitate reading and language education.

Keep in mind that this is just a model for intelligence and there are many who score high in more than one category. Inspiring Breakthrough — This UK-based site has suggested activities to help develop linguistic intelligence and links to some suggested books on the topic.

Logical-mathematical intelligence has been closely linked to fluid intelligence and general intelligence. The complaint should be effective, aiming at problem-solving and directed at the people with the authority to solve the problem. Intrapersonal Intelligence If you have intrapersonal intelligence you are "self smart.

This intelligence profile is usually well organised and disciplined. Try linking your newly acquired knowledge with real life examples or interact with others when studying.

Below is a Flashcard Deck created by one of our users that discusses intelligence and linguistics. They are the perfect embodiment of logical-mathematical intelligence.

Musical Intelligence While other people gravitate towards nature, there are also those who tend to be drawn to the musical arts. Posted on by Diego Santos For a long time it was believed that intelligence was something we could detect through testing.3.

Kinaesthetic Intelligence. Kinaesthetic Intelligence relates to the ease of bodily expression. This kind of person has a great sense of space, distance, depth and mint-body.com greater control of the body, this person can perform complex movements with precision and ease.

Based on Howard Gardner s theory of intelligence, these study tips can help you tailor your learning for your intelligence type. Word Smart (Linguistic intelligence) Word smart people are good with words, letters, and phrases.

Seven bad habits that signify intelligence: Study

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Types of Intelligence Brett C. Walker General Psychology PSY May 26, Types of Intelligence After reading the chapter and lecture that was assigned to me, I believe that I have a better understanding of the types of intelligence.

At least with IQ I could say "read this!" Or, "study that!" Where might I find a resource/plan dedicated to the sole development of emotional and social intelligence?

We have different types. These habits could be perceived negatively, but a study has revealed that some bad habits may indicate our intelligence and good health. mint-body.com listed the positive sides of seven bad habits.

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Types of intelligence and study habits
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