Why is should get a tablet

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Do you want a tablet, which has the same apps and restrictions as your smartphone, or do you want a laptop, which has a keyboard and a full-fledged desktop operating system?

More importantly, 2-in-1s give you the best of both worlds. More and more, people are using tablets less and less. Since your phone is with you all the time, you end up using it a lot more than a tablet too.

The release of Microsoft Office for the iPad completed this shift. Keep your tablet aside for a few days and as soon as you switch it on, you will be bombarded with all the notifications and pending updates you missed.

Laptops used to be the best choice for people who needed a computer that could be used in a dorm room, the library, the classroom, and the lab.

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Although the Android version of Office is still in development, quite a few people use the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Read More to the Plus series of iPhones, when your smartphone has a 5. Here are a few reasons you might want to skip it for something else.

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! But the big question is, do you really need a tablet anymore? E-readers are better for your eyes due to e-ink What Is E-Ink?

The one exception to this rule is when reading comics, for which tablets are still better than e-readers. Tablets have one big problem right now, which is writing and input. Print Most colleges and universities require computers, and many students assume they need to buy laptops during back to school season.

Tablets are starting to lose in the one area where they used to dominate phones.

Have you ever heard of PETYA?

And if you still use it, what do you use it for? Be clear about what you need it for before you get it. Getting the right device that truly meets your needs is much more important than saving a little money.

But modern, lightweight, small-size laptops make it easy to carry them no matter where you go. Plenty of Power When the iPad was first released, some dismissed it as a toy.

Wait, you need to update the Music app before you can do that. More and more, you get comfortable using it. A keyboard can be added to ANY tablet, and many are sold with them. Even more important, though, is making a smart decision. Early adopters of tablets often talk about how little use they have for these devices any more.

Models like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are as capable as any laptop running Windows, and come in designs that better fit the college lifestyle. Companies like Logitech and Belkin make add-on ones for Apple models, while Samsung and Microsoft make keyboards for their own devices.

In fact, several serious gamers I know abhor playing games on a tablet, mainly because the phone is with them at all times and they can squeeze in a game whenever and wherever. Nothing could be further from the truth — bargain-basement laptops are often underpowered.

Hold on, update the PDF viewer first. The situation is even more clear cut when talking about Windows tablets.The ability to input text by handwriting is appealing to some and the Windows tablet is where to get it. Additional coverage: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows: Write on the screen with any pen or.

This is a mistake because a tablet is often the superior option. Laptops used to be the best choice for people who needed a computer that could be used in a dorm room, the library, the classroom, and the lab. But times have changed – tablets are now more portable and more flexible without sacrificing functionality.

I don't use my surface tablet anymore be cause the plug in is always not conecting right purchased it may sorry I got mint-body.com phone is always with me easier to use and can purchase cords everywhere. This isn't about having it all, honestly. Budget users are more likely to benefit without a tablet if they get a good smartphone and good.

May 20,  · Should you buy a tablet? Tablets won't add anything new to your life that you don't already get with your smartphone and laptop. If you can afford one, though, it will make your life a little more. Tablets also are a good tool for road warriors who need the functionality that their phone lacks but who don't want the size and weight of a laptop or netbook to slow them down.

10 reasons to buy a Windows tablet for work instead of an iPad or Android

Battery Life. One of the reasons I prefer carrying around a tablet as opposed to a laptop is the superior battery life you get from a tablet.

Why is should get a tablet
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