Writing a newspaper headline lesson plan

Abilities in formal writing are best developed with a "process approach" that goes through five distinct phases: They can then critique the headlines their peers write and choose the best headline for each article.

Creation of a class newspaper provides such a real context, and thus makes an excellent choice as the basis for a project designed with this goal in mind.

For example, a good headline tells the main idea of the story, has a subject and writing a newspaper headline lesson plan verb, and entices the reader to read the article. Various aspects of newspapers are covered, including parts of a newspaper, writing an article, online newspapers, newspaper reading habits, and layout and design techniques.

Elementary students might benefit from practicing headline writing as an entire class before writing headlines for assigned news stories. Provide time for students to share their news stories and headlines with their classmates. As they are transformed into reporters and editors, they will become effective users of ICT in order to publish their own classroom newspaper.

Older students can work in groups, writing headlines for a group of articles. Post all the original headlines in an accessible place; have students select that headline that goes with the article they read.

Newspapers are the best resource for this activity, but teachers might use some of the following online news sites as sources: Encouraging children to read and write in ways that allow them to make sense of real language in real contexts is more likely to help them develop the skills necessary to become fluent readers and writers.

From printed page to multimedia: Collect from your local newspaper, or from some of the online resources listed at the end of this section, a wide variety of news articles that will be of interest to your students.

Keywords current events, news, newspaper, headline, main idea Materials Needed newspaper articles without headlines See detailed instructions in Lesson Plan section. Evolution of a second-grade class newspaper. Discuss with students what makes a good headline. When doing this activity with younger students, read aloud the news stories.

Photocopy the articles and cut off the headlines. Explore the following questions with students: Your students will find completing their newspaper article a snap by first filling out this useful handout that helps them identify each key element of an authentic newspaper article.

In this online interactive tool, your students can choose the "newspaper" option to help them complete their newspaper section. Do they express the same idea as the newspaper headlines? Are the student-written headlines an improvement on the actual headlines? Distribute the photocopies of the de-headed articles, and have students write a headline reflecting the main idea of the assigned article.

Using this approach helps students more fully understand the process of producing formal written documents, such as magazines and newspapers. Lesson Plan Students can work on this activity individually, in pairs, or in small groups.Reading and Writing Newspaper Articles ESL Lesson. Search the site GO.

Languages. English as a Second Language Choose a Headline and Write Your Own Newspaper Article. Newspaper Article 1. TRUCK CRASHES INTO LIVING ROOM.

Teacher Resources: Activity - Writing headlines (20 mins)

Free ESL Business Letter Writing Lesson Plan. A newspaper report is a formal piece of writing and most reports use a stock bank of phrases, so in many ways it is easy to get it right if you can remember the kinds of words they use when writing.

Begin with thinking up a headline, this will give your report a focus and it will help you to get started. Find headlines lesson plans and teaching resources. From newspaper headlines worksheets to writing headlines videos, quickly find teacher-reviewed educational resources.

Headlines Lesson Plans & Worksheets Reviewed by Teachers. Sep 27,  · Activity: Writing news - beginning middle and end (15 mins) Headlines "sell" stories to readers, viewers and listeners by "telling" them what the story is about and grabbing their attention.

consider the main idea of each news story, write a headline that reflects the main idea of the news story. Keywords. Materials Needed. newspaper articles without headlines (See detailed instructions in Lesson Plan section.) Lesson Plan (Students can work on this activity individually, in pairs, or in small groups.) Collect from your local.

Heads Up for Headlines!

Students will enjoy this creative, exciting, and stimulating lesson in writing as they create authentic newspaper stories. As they are transformed into reporters and editors, they will become effective users of ICT in order to publish their own classroom newspaper. Various aspects of newspapers are.

Writing a newspaper headline lesson plan
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