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The end-problem-permanently segment 2: This acceleration in sales was the result of promotion that resulted in the consumer awareness. Also, some executives suggested that the company should reconsider any plans to market the product itself, whereby Zoecon should sell its IGR compound to firms who are actively engaged in reaching the consumer insecticide market.

S market and go International in This consumer market segment is also sub-divided into insect specific insecticides which increased the product variety.

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A final threat was the new innovations and timing. It addressed to year old women living in households of three or more. This emphasizes product differentiation and unique packaging since it was sold in the form of aerosol sprays, liquid sprays, solids, strips, traps, and baits.

Positioning was also effective because of the promotions used as shown in exhibit 5. Regarding the price, Zoecon uses a premium price strategy. Distinction is based on distribution systems and product forms, as in consumer markets we see packaged and easy to use products, whereas in the PCO markets, products are sold in a diluted form.

Zoecon sells many products under different brand names as revealed in exhibit 1. Besides, the high number Zeocon case study cases shipped for each location signifies the high demand.

Suggestions were discussed, some executives called for consumer market expansion with the ROACH ENDER, others said that the company should concentrate its effort on opportunities in the pest control market.

These firms included d-Con company, S. The decision is Zeocon case study they can best allocate technical, financial, and marketing resources for their IGR compounds. They sell animal health products to small animal veterinarians and clinics, pest control chemicals for farm animals, insecticides for household pets and pest control to supermarkets, pet stores, and pest control companies.

The product was packaged in two separate ways: The sales in this segment were seasonal and varied by geography. Upon applying segmentation, they selectively chose the market segments on three basis: This signifies the strong technological presence, high manufacturing abilities, and important research capabilities.

Zeocon Case Study

Also Zoecon had no experience dealing with supermarkets, this is why they focused on pest control market and approached competitors to include the trade name of the product they use that was PRECOR, but only which was d-Con expressed ineterst. This unique and high tech product that Zoecon uses is extremely effective in eliminating insect population.

Aerosol spray constituted of 44, casesand the fogger spray 24, cases. This signifies the quality of the consumer marketing program.

The usage rate was heavy in the 6 month period between May and October which was considered a prime sales time. This company is backed by strong scientific researchhowever a major threat would be new innovations or lack of timing.

The higher priced products not only represented Zoecon as a better quality product than other roach insecticides, but also provided supermarkets with a higher margin than the margin it received from its competitors.

Thank you Popular Essays. Although the product is very unique and almost friendly environmental in the means of lower toxicity however there was reluctance in expanding distribution, in introducing new products, and reconsiderations of the market plan and the product were put into account.

Finally, they also sell chemical compounds to firms engaged in marketing pest control products to the consumer market. The success led to continuous research, and in the result was hydroprene marketed under the trade name GENCOR and that was a roach compound.

Zoecon has many products divided between adulticides and growth regulators that kill fleas, cockroaches, rats, mice, spiders, rodents, crickets, and others. The insecticide market is divided into 2 segments, the consumer market and the PCO market which is a business market. The issue in the corporation was to analyze and discuss the test market results for the Strike ROACH ENDER, after it was placed in a consumer test market for 6 months in the cities that represent the 19 city market.

The new objectives emphasized a focus on high financial-return products and businesses, and to introduce insecticides that are safer to the household. Zoecon is on the verge of taking some decisions pertaining to increasing future profits and sales.

The product that lasts segment 3: However, executives had aims to expand more in the U.

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This will give competition access to the controlled compounds that Zoecon formulated. Insect Growth Regulators are synthetic analogs that prevent the continuity of the reproductive cycle in fleas, and when used on cockroaches, it makes them incapable of reproducing.

Patents will eventually time out.Engineering Economic Analysis Case Study Case Name The Smithson’s Mortgage Case Study Teams This case is designed to be conducted by a team of students. The discussion, questioning, and resolution of differences is an.

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Past case discussions provide a foundation for thinking about a new case, and study questions can call attention to important mint-body.com should make use of all these contextual factors, but they don’t amount to a method for analyzing a case.

Zoecon’s mission was to be the marketing arm of their producer in the animal health and insect control areas. Zoecon sells many products under different brand names as revealed in exhibit 1.

They sell animal health products to small animal veterinarians and clinics, pest control chemicals for farm animals, insecticides for household pets and pest [ ]. Paper Type: Case Study Analysis Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer and has over 2, stores strategically located in leading cities across 88 countries.

Zara's designers and customers are inextricably linked. Specialist teams receive constant feedback on the decisions its customers are making at every Zara store. Zeocon Case. First in Show Case Analysis. Zoecon Tables. mint-body.com SCOPE - case study solution.

Zeocon Case. Augustine Medical mint-body.com Augustine Medical Inc. Baxton Technology Case Analysis. Breeders Own Case Analysis Zoecon executives are faced with the alternatives of marketing their Strike ROACH ENDER product to the consumer 5/5(2).

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